Optoelectronics (FEMTO) Lab

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The Bowers Group Test & Measurement Lab has state of the art equipment for the characterization and packaging of a wide range of semiconductor devices and optical communication systems.  Our equipment and facilities broadly fall under three categories: (1) High Speed Analog and Digital Communication Systems; (2) Optoelectronic device characterization; (3) Optics and Packaging.

High Speed Test Setup
High Speed Test Setup 


Analog and Digital Communication Systems

Agilent DCA-J 86100C Digital Communication Analyzer with several high speed modules

  • 86106B O/E module with 10Gbps Reference receiver (1000-1600nm)
  • 86118A Dual Channel Electrical module with remote sampling heads -70GHz bandwidth
  • 83484A O/E module with 30GHz PD bandwidth
  • 83482A Dual Channel Electrical module 50GHz bandwidth

12.5Gb/s Agilent BERT

40GHz SHF transmitter

40 Gb/s Centellax BERT

Agilent Lightwave Component Analyzer (8703A)  with 20GHz bandwidth

67GHz Agilent Network Analyzer (E8364A)with  Lightwave Component Analyzer attachment (N4373A)

50GHz Agilent Vector Network Analyzer (E8364A), which can also be used with the LCA attachment

50GHz Rohde and Schwarz electrical spectrum analyzer with the worlds’ best dynamic range

The Agilent E8257D PSG analog signal generator:  Delivers industry-leading output power, level accuracy, and phase noise performance up to 50GHz and 20dBm

R&S SMF 100A microwave signal generator up to 22GHz

5-11 GHz Calmar Optcom Picosecond Pulse Laser


High Speed Probe Station
High Speed Probe Station  



VCSEL Test Setup
VCSEL Test Setup 


Optoelectronic Device Characterization

Photoluminescence measurement system (Horiba xxxx) operating at room temperature, spanning a range of wavelengths from 800 to 1700nm with 0.06nm resolution.  Includes a motorized stage for mapping (software included), the travel range is  75x50mm, with 0.1 micron step size.

Thermal imaging microscope (Microsanj  NT200t) with 400nm spatial resolution and transient imaging capabilities down to 200ns time resolution.

Tunable lasers in the 780, 1060, 1310, and 1550nm ranges

Optical Spectrum Analyzers

Large-area photodetectors, integrating spheres, source-meters, free-space and fiber-coupled polarization components, etc. for various optical and electrical measurements

Optics and Packaging

WestBond Wirebonder

Fujikara FSM 45PM Fiber Splicer – can do  over 40 different types of fiber splices incl. PM

Automated Polishing and Lapping Tools