Title Author(s) Journal Indexing Publication Date Publication File
Stabilization of heterogeneous silicon lasers using Pound-Drever-Hall locking to Si3N4 ring resonators D. T. Spencer, M. L. Davenport, T. Komljenovic, S. Srinivasan, and J. E. Bowers Optics Express Vol. 24, No. 12 p. 13511 June 9, 2016 Spencer16oe.pdf1.3 MB
Heterogeneously Integrated Distributed Feedback Quantum Cascade Lasers on Silicon A. Spott, J. Peters, M. L. Davenport, E. J. Stanton, C. Zhang, C. D. Merritt, W. W. Bewley, I. Vurgaftman, C. S. Kim, J. R. Meyer, J. Kirch, L. J. Mawst, D. Botez, and J. E. Bowers Photonics vol. 3, no. 35 June 2, 2016 Spott16p.pdf1.31 MB
III-Nitride Based Cyan Light-Emitting Diodes with GHz Bandwidth for High-Speed Visible Light Communication J.-W. Shi, K.-L. Chi1, J.-M. Wun1, J. E. Bowers, Y.-H. Shih, and J.-K. Sheu Electron Device Letters vol. 37, pp. 894-897 May 26, 2016 Shi16edl.pdf1.81 MB
Thin film wavelength converters for photonic integrated circuits L Chang, Y Li, N Volet, L Wang, J Peters, JE Bowers Optica May 20, 2016 optica-3-5-531.pdf1.2 MB
Roadmap of optical communications E. Agrell, M. Karlsson, A. R. Chraplyvy, D. J Richardson, P. M. Krummrich, P. Winzer, K. Roberts, J. Karl Fischer, S. J Savory, B. J Eggleton, M. Secondini, F. R. Kschischang, A. Lord, J. Prat, I. Tomkos, J. E Bowers, S. Srinivasan, M. Brandt-Pearce and N Journal of Optics Volume 19, Number 6 May 3, 2016 Agrell16jo.pdf4.02 MB
Thin film wavelength converters for photonic integrated circuits L. Chang, Y. Li, N. Volet, L. Wang, J. Peters, and J. E. Bowers Optica Vol. 3 No. 5; pp. 531-535 May 1, 2016 Chang16o.pdf1.2 MB
Sub-wavelength InAs quantum dot micro-disk lasers epitaxially grown on exact Si (001) substrates Y. Wan, Q. Li, A. Y. Liu, A. C. Gossard, J. E. Bowers, E. L. Hu, and K. M. Lau Applied Physics Letters 108, p. 221101 May 1, 2016 Wan16apl.pdf2.4 MB
Quantum Cascade Laser on Silicon A. Spott, J. Peters, M. Davenport, E. Stanton, C. Merritt, W. Bewley, I. Vurgaftman, J. Meyers and J. Bowers Optica Vol. 3, No. 5, p. 545 May 1, 2016 Spott16o.pdf1.65 MB
Frequency Modulated Lasers for Interferometric Type Optical Gyroscopes T. Komljenovic, M. Tran, M. Belt, S. Gundavarapu, D. Blumenthal, and J. Bowers Frequency Modulated Lasers for Interferometric Type Optical Vol.41, No. 8 April 1, 2016 Komljenovic16ol.pdf1.57 MB
Multi-dimensional Purcell effects in an ytterbium-doped ring resonator D. Ding, L. M. C. Pereira, J. F. Bauters, M. J. R. Heck, A.Vantomme, J. E. Bowers, M. J. A. de Dood and D. Bouwmeester Nature Photonics pp. 385–388 April 1, 2016 Ding16np.pdf1.56 MB