Title Author Publication Date Publication File
Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization of Variation-Aware Runtime-Reconfigurable Optical Interconnects Y. Wang Coadvised by T. Chang and J. E. Bowers August 10, 2021 Dissertation_Yuyang_compressed-compressed.pdf3.23 MB
Heterogeneous Silicon/III-V Photonic Integration for Ultralow Noise Semiconductor Lasers M. A. Tran July 22, 2021 Minh_Thesis_submitted-compressed.pdf2.65 MB
Multi-wavelength Selective Crossbar Switch Akhilesh Sanjay Prabhu Khope September 27, 2019 Dissertation Multi-wavelength Selective Crossbar Switch2.29 MB
Integrated Optical Isolators and Circulators for Heterogeneous Silicon Photonics Duanni Huang March 25, 2019 huang19thesisrevised_reduced.pdf4.65 MB
Heterogeneous Integration of Mid-infrared Lasers on Silicon A. Spott June 15, 2018 spott_dissertation.pdf14.47 MB
High-brightness lasers with spectral beam combining on silicon E. J. Stanton January 9, 2018 EJS_thesis.pdf20.76 MB
Heterogeneous Silicon III-V Mode-Locked Lasers M. L. Davenport September 29, 2017 Davenport Heterogeneous Silicon III-V mode locked lasers rev2.pdf10.94 MB
Material Science for High-Efficiency Photovoltaics: From Advanced Optical Coatings to Cell Design for High-Temperature Applications E. Perl July 19, 2016 Emmett Perl Dissertation 2016.pdf19.99 MB
Heterogeneous Integration for Reduced Phase Noise and Improved Reliability of Semiconductor Lasers S. Srinivasan June 1, 2015 Sudha_Thesis_2015_v4_embedded.pdf5.12 MB
Athermal Laser Designs on Si and Heterogeneous III-V/Si3N4 Integration J. T. Bovington January 1, 2015 2015 - Bovington Dissertation.pdf17.4 MB