Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization of Variation-Aware Runtime-Reconfigurable Optical Interconnects Y. Wang Coadvised by T. Chang and J. E. Bowers August 10, 2021 Dissertation_Yuyang_compressed-compressed.pdf3.23 MB
Heterogeneous Silicon/III-V Photonic Integration for Ultralow Noise Semiconductor Lasers M. A. Tran July 22, 2021 Minh_Thesis_submitted-compressed.pdf2.65 MB
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Hertz-level-linewidth semiconductor laser via injection locking to an ultra-high Q silicon nitride microresonator W. Jin, , Q. Yang, , L. Chang, B. Shen, H. Wang , M. A. Leal, L. Wu, M. Gao, A. Feshali , M. Paniccia , K. J. Vahala, J. E. Bowers CLEO: Science and InnovationsSM1A.2 May 10, 2021 CLEO_SI-2021-SM1A.2.pdf1.27 MB
Hertz-linewidth semiconductor lasers using CMOS-ready ultra-high-Q microresonators W. Jin, Q. Yang, L. Chang, B. Shen, H. Wang, M. A. Leal, L. Wu, M. Gao, A. Feshali, M. Paniccia, K. J. Vahala & J. E. Bowers Nature Photonics15, 346–353 February 11, 2021 s41566-021-00761-7.pdf3.56 MB
Quantum-dot lasers and amplifiers on Si YATING WAN, JUSTIN NORMAN, SONGTAO LIU, ALAN LIU, AND JOHN E. BOWERS IEEE NANOTECHNOLOGY MAGAZINE February 3, 2021 Quantum-dot lasers and amplifiers on Si (1).pdf3.08 MB
High resolution, high channel count mid-infrared arrayed waveguide gratings in silicon A Malik, A Spott, Y Wang, EJ Stanton, J Peters, JE Bowers Optics Letters August 15, 2020 Published_OL_HighResAWG.pdf1.03 MB
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