E-band widely tunable, narrow linewidth heterogeneous laser on silicon

J. Guo, C. Xiang, T. J. Morin, J. D. Peters, L. Chang, and J. E. Bowers
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Optical spectra of the laser tuned from 1350 to 1408nm
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APL Photonics
8, 046114

We demonstrate a heterogeneously integrated laser on silicon exhibiting a sub-20 kHz Lorentzian linewidth over a wavelength tuning range of 58 nm from 1350 to 1408 nm, which are record values to date for E-band integrated lasers in the literature. Wide wavelength tuning is achieved with an integrated Si ring-resonator-based Vernier mirror, which also significantly reduces the Lorentzian linewidth. Such a record performance leverages a mature heterogeneous III–V/Si platform and marks an important milestone in E-band optical fiber communications and in reaching visible wavelengths via second harmonic generation for optical atomic clock applications.