Title Author(s) Journal Indexing Publication Date Publication File
Photonic integration platform for rubidium sensors and beyond Z. Zhang, B. Shen, M. A. Tran, W. Lee, K. Asawa, G. Kim, Y. Shen, T. J. Morin, A. Malik, J. E. Bowers, T. Komljenovic, and C. Zhang Optica Memorandum 10, 6 June 13, 2023 Zhang 780 nm optica-10-6-752.pdf1.78 MB
Submilliwatt, widely tunable coherent microcomb generation with feedback-free operation H. Shu, L. Chang, C. Lao, B. Shen, W. Xie, X. Zhang, M. Jin, Y. Tao, R. Chen, Z. Tao, H. Chang, S. Yu, Q. Yang, X. Wang, and J. E. Bowers Advanced Photonics 5, 3 June 12, 2023 Shu submilliwatt comb reflection free Advanced Photonics 2023.pdf1.17 MB
Heterogeneous integration of a III–V quantum dot laser on high thermal conductivity silicon carbide R. Koscica, Y. Wan, W. He, M. J. Kennedy, and J. E. Bowers Optics Letters 48, 10 May 15, 2023 Koscica Heterogeneous integration of a III–V quantum dot laser on high thermal conductivity silicon carbide May15 2023.pdf3.52 MB
E-band widely tunable, narrow linewidth heterogeneous laser on silicon J. Guo, C. Xiang, T. J. Morin, J. D. Peters, L. Chang, and J. E. Bowers APL Photonics 8, 046114 April 24, 2023
Quantum decoherence of dark pulses in optical microresonators C. Lao, X. Jin, L. Chang, H. Wang, Z. Lv, W. Xie, H. Shu, X. Wang, J. E. Bowers, and Q. Yang Nature Communication 14, 1802 March 31, 2023 Lao Dark Pulse coherence nature Mar31 2023.pdf2.47 MB
Engineered zero-dispersion microcombs using CMOS-ready photonics Q. Ji, W. Jin, L. Wu, Y. Yu, Z. Yuan, W. Zhang, M. Gao, B. Li, H. Wang, C. Xiang, J. Guo, A. Feshali, M. Paniccia, V. S. Ilchenko, A. B. Matsko, J. E. Bowers, and K. J. Vahala Optica 10, 2 February 15, 2023
Prospects and applications of on‑chip lasers Z. Zhou, X. Ou, Y. Fang, E. Alkhazraji, R. Xu, Y. Wan, and J. E. Bowers eLight 3, 1 January 4, 2023 Zhou Review Elight_Jan4 2023.pdf3.21 MB
Chip-based laser with 1-hertz integrated linewidth J. Guo, C. A. McLemore, C. Xiang, D. Lee, L. Wu, W. Jin, M. Kelleher, N. Jin, D. Mason, L. Chang, A. Feshali, M. Paniccia, P. T. Rakich, K. J. Vahala, S. A. Diddams, F. Quinlan, J. E. Bowers Science Advances 8, 43 October 28, 2022 Guo_1 Hz Science Advances Oct28 2022.pdf922.84 KB
Electrically pumped quantum-dot lasers grown on 300mm patterned Si photonic wafers C. Shang, K. Feng, E. T. Hughes, A. Clark, M. Debnath, R. Koscica, G. Leake, J. Herman, D. Harame, P. Ludewig, Y. Wan, and J. E. Bowers Light: Science & Application 11, 299 October 14, 2022 Shang 300 mm Light Science Applications Oct14 2022.pdf1.8 MB
Extending the spectrum of fully integrated photonics to submicrometre wavelengths M. A. Tran, C. Zhang, T. J. Morin, L. Chang, S. Barik, Z. Yuan, W. Lee, G. Kim, A. Malik, Z. Zhang, J. Guo, H. Wang, B. Shen, L. Wu, K. Vahala, J. E. Bowers, H. Park, and T. Komljenovic Nature 610, 54-60 September 28, 2022 Tran Nature Sep28 2022.pdf2.63 MB