Title Author(s) Journal Indexing Publication Date Publication File
Semiconductor quantum dot lasers epitaxially grown on silicon with low linewidth enhancement factor J. Duan, H. Huang, D. Jung, Z. Zhang, J. Norman, J. E. Bowers and F. Grillot Applied Physics Letters 112, 251111 (2018) June 21, 2018 duan18apl.pdf918.74 KB
Optical nonreciprocal devices for silicon photonics using wafer-bonded magneto-optical garnet materials T. Mizumoto, R. Baets, and J. E. Bowers MRS Bullentin Vol 43, No 6, 419-424 June 11, 2018 mizumoto18mrs.pdf1.16 MB
Effect of growth interruption in 1.55 μm InAs/InAlGaAs quantum dots on InP grown by molecular beam epitaxy D. Jung, D. J. Ironside, S. R. Bank, A. C. Gossard, and J. E. Bowers Journal of Applied Physics Volume 123, Issue 20, 205302 May 23, 2018 jung18jap.pdf1.74 MB
Low dark current III-V on silicon photodiodes by heteroepitaxy K. Sun, D. Jung, C. Shang, A. Liu, J. Morgan, J. Zang, Q. Li, J. Klamkin, J. E. Bowers, and A. Beling Optics Express Vol 26, No 10, 13605-13613 May 11, 2018 sun18oe_reduced.pdf365.47 KB
An optical-frequency synthesizer using integrated photonics D. T. Spencer et al. Nature April 25, 2018 spencer13nature.pdf8.22 MB
An optical-frequency synthesizer using integrated photonics D. T. Spencer, T. Drake, T. C. Briles, J. Stone, L. C. Sinclair, C. Fredrick, Q. Li, D. Westly, B. Robert Ilic, A. Bluestone, N. Volet, T. Komljenovic, L. Chang, S. H. Lee, D. Y. Oh, M.-G. Suh, K. Y. Yang, M. H. P. Pfeiffer, et al Nature Photonics 557, 81-85 April 25, 2018
Integrated heterogeneous silicon/III–V mode-locked lasers M. L. Davenport, S. Liu, and J. E. Bowers Photonics Research Vol 6, No 5, 468-478 April 20, 2018 davenport18pr_reduced.pdf971.83 KB
Micro-Resonator Soliton Generated Directly with a Diode Laser N. Volet, X. Yi, Q.-F. Yang, E. J. Stanton, P. A. Morton, K. Y. Yang, K. J. Vahala, and J. E. Bowers Laser & Photonics Review 1700307 April 17, 2018 volet18lpr.pdf1.06 MB
Characterization of a fully integrated heterogeneous silicon/III-V colliding pulse mode-locked laser with on-chip feedback S. Liu, T. Komljenovic, S. Srinivasan, E. Norberg, G. Fish, and J. E. Bowers Optics Express Vol. 26, No. 8, pages 9714 to 9723 April 16, 2018 liu18oe.pdf2.81 MB
Impact of threading dislocation density on the lifetime of InAs quantum dot lasers on Si D. Jung, R. Herrick, J. Norman, K. Turnlund, C. Jan, K. Feng, A. C. Gossard and J. E. Bowers Applied Physics Letters Vol. 112, 153507 April 13, 2018 jung18apl.pdf1.88 MB