Low dark current high gain InAs quantum dot avalanche photodetectors monolithically grown on Si

B. Chen, Y. Wan, Z. Xie, J. Huang, C. Shang, J. Norman, Q. Li, Y. Tong, K. M. Lau, A. C. Gossard, and J. E. Bowers
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QD APD monolithically grown on Si
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ACS Photonics

we report the first O-band InAs quantum dot (QD) waveguide APDs monolithically grown on Si with a low dark current of 0.1 nA at unit gain and a responsivity of 0.234 A/W at 1.310 μm at unit gain (-5 V). In the linear gain mode, the APDs have a maximum gain of 198 and show a clear eye diagram up to 8 Gbit/s.

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Silicon Photonics
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Epitaxial Growth on Si