Yating Wan

Former Visitor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Office Location
ESB 2221G

Yating Wan’s research work deals with integration of long wavelength quantum dot micro-lasers on silicon substrates, which makes it possible to put lasers on microprocessors that boosts their capabilities and allows them to run at much lower powers. She has published 9 high quality papers (5 as first author and 4 as co-author) in international reputable journals. She also has presented her research work at 3 international conferences as first author and 4 as co-author. She has 30 citations and h-index of 3 in Google Scholar index. 

She was selected as the winner of the School of Engineering PhD Research Excellence Award 2016-17, one of the best two among many nominations received from all Engineering Departments in HKUST, after a vigorous review by the Engineering Research Committee consisting of faculty representative from each Department, 

She is now working towards her Ph.D. degree in HKUST, under the supervision of Prof. Kei May Lau, she is going to start a Postdoctoral fellow at University of University of California, Santa Barbara in Prof. John Bowers' group.

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