490 fs pulse generation from passively mode-locked single section quantum dot laser directly grown on on-axis GaP/Si

S. Liu, D. Jung, J. C. Norman, M. J. Kennedy, A. C. Gossard and J. E. Bowers
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SEM image of epitaxially grown silicon QD laser with indicatrix showing various component layers of device (not to scale)
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Electronics Letters
Vol. 54, No. 7, 432-433

We demonstrate, for the first time, a single section passively modelocked InAs/InGaAs quantum dot laser directly grown on on-axis (001) GaP/Si substrate. The laser has a continuous-wave threshold current of 34 mA at 20°C. By forward biasing the laser gain section current at 470 mA, 490 fs pulse generation with 31 GHz repetition rate can be obtained. This simple femtosecond pulse generation structure with CMOS fabrication compatibility makes the laser a promising light source candidate in future large-scale silicon photonic applications.

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Photonics Integrated Circuits