New linearized ring modulator

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Abstract—Silicon photonics offer a low-cost platform for large- scale RF system integration. Spur-free dynamic range (SFDR) for analog and RF photonic components is limited by electri- cal and optical characteristics of the p- and n- junction used to produce plasma dispersion. We propose a silicon ring modula- tor and demonstrate design conditions that balance the phase change between the DC Kerr and plasma dispersion effects to produce a broadband, linear electro-optical conversion. A linear phase shifter is tested within a ring modulator and an SFDR of 98 dB·Hz2/3 is measured. With predistortion, the SFDR increases to 108 dB·Hz2/3. In addition, the ring supports discrete multitone modulation with 16-QAM subcarriers at a 47 Gbps data rate over a 16 GHz bandwidth.

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Schematic of a conventional RF over fiber link.