Low threshold pump power and high integration in Al2O3:Er3+ slot waveguide laser on SOI

P. Pintus, S. Faralli, and F. Di Pasquale
Publication Date
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IEEE Photonics Technology Letters
vol. 22, no. 19, pp. 1428-1430

We numerically investigate the potential of Al2O3:Er3+ active slot waveguides for realizing small-form factor lasers on silicon-on-insulator. Based on recent technological
improvements in the reliable and low-cost fabrication of alumina doped with high Er3+ concentration, we point out the possibility of realizing silicon compatible emitters at 1550nm, optically pumped at 1480 nm with a few milliwatts threshold pump power.

Research Areas
Silicon Photonics
In-Plane Semiconductor Lasers
Integration Technologies
Photonics Integrated Circuits