Fiber-Coupled Cavity-QED Source of Identical Single Photons

709. H. Snijders, J. A. Frey, J. Norman, V. P. Post, A. C. Gossard, J. E. Bowers, M. P. van Exter, W. Löffler, and D. Bouwmeester
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 Sketch of the microcavity quantum-dot device with attached fibers from the bottom (excitation fiber) and the top (single-photon collection fiber).
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Physical Review Applied
9, 031002

We present a fully fiber-coupled source of high-fidelity single photons. An (In,Ga)As semiconductor quantum dot is embedded in an optical Fabry-Perot microcavity with a robust design and rigidly attached single-mode fibers, which enables through-fiber cross-polarized resonant laser excitation and photon extraction. Even without spectral filtering, we observe that the incident coherent light pulses are transformed into a stream of single photons with high purity (97%) and indistinguishability (90%), which is measured at an in-fiber brightness of 5% with an excellent cavity-mode-to-fiber coupling efficiency of 85%. Our results pave the way for fully fiber-integrated photonic quantum networks. Furthermore, our method is equally applicable to fiber-coupled solid-state cavity-QED-based photonic quantum gates

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Silicon Photonics