Design and Implementation of an Integrated Reconfigurable Silicon Photonics Switch Matrix in IRIS Project

F. Testa, C. J. Oton, C. Kopp, J.-M. Lee, R. Ortuño, R. Enne, S. Tondini, G. Chiaretti, A. Bianchi, P. Pintus, M.-S. Kim, D. Fowler, J. Á. Ayúcar, M. Hofbauer, M. Mancinelli, M. Fournier, G. B. Preve, N. Zecevic, C. L. Manganelli, C. Castellan, G. Parès
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IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics
vol. 22, no. 6, pp. 1-14

This paper aims to present the design and the achieved results on a CMOS electronic and photonic integrated device for low cost, low power, transparent, mass-manufacturable optical switching. An unprecedented number of integrated photonic components (more than 1000), each individually electronically controlled,
allows for the realization of a transponder aggregator device which interconnects up to eight transponders to a four direction colorless-directionless-contentionlessROADM.Each direction supports 12 200-GHz spaced wavelengths, which can be independently added or dropped from the network. An electronic ASIC,
3-D integrated on top of the photonic chip, controls the switch fabrics to allow a complete and microsecond fast reconfigurability.

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Silicon Photonics
Integration Technologies
Photonics Integrated Circuits
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