Micro-Resonator Soliton Generated Directly with a Diode Laser

N. Volet, X. Yi, Q.-F. Yang, E. J. Stanton, P. A. Morton, K. Y. Yang, K. J. Vahala, and J. E. Bowers
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Optical spectrum measured in the single-soliton regime. The red line is a fit according to Equation (2).
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Laser & Photonics Review

An external‐cavity diode laser for 1550‐nm wavelength is reported with ultra‐low noise, high power coupled to a fiber, and fast tunability. These characteristics enable the generation of an optical frequency comb in a silica micro‐resonator with a single‐soliton state. Neither an optical amplifier nor a modulator is used in the experiment. This demonstration greatly simplifies the soliton generation setup and represents a significant step forward to a fully integrated soliton comb system. 



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Silicon Photonics