On-chip wavelength locking for photonic switches

A. S. P. Khope, T. Hirokawa, A. M. Netherton, M. Saeidi, Y. Xia, N. Volet, C. Schow, R. Helkey, L. Theogarajan, A. A. M. Saleh, J. E. Bowers, and R. C. Alferness
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General schematic of wavelengthselective switch shown has L second-order ring switches and a waveguide crossing at each intersection and k wavelength monitors (WM) at the bottom of each column, which have an on-chip photodiode (PD). The DUT is marked with a dashed box.
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Optics Letters
Vol. 42, Issue 23, pages 4934-4937

We present an on-chip wavelength reference with a partial drop ring resonator and germanium photodetector. This approach can be used in ring-resonator-based wavelength-selective switches where absolute wavelength alignment is required. We use the temperature dependence of heater resistance as a temperature sensor. Additionally, we discuss locking speed, statistical variation of heater resistances, and tuning speed of the switches.

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Silicon Photonics