Directly Modulated Single-Mode Tunable Quantum Dot Lasers at 1.3 µm

Y. Wan, S. Zhang, J. Norman, MJ Kennedy, W. He, Y. Tong, C. Shang, J. He, H. K. Tsang, A. C. Gossard, and J. E. Bowers
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V-cavity shape tunable QD laser
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Laser & Photonics Reviews

We demonstrate the first single-mode tunable InAs/GaAs quantum dot (QD) lasers at 1.3 µm. Without involving gratings or multiple epitaxial growths, 27-channel wavelength switching was achieved with side-mode-suppression-ratio of around 35 dB. Over 9 mW output power can be measured under continuous-wave electrical injection, with 716 kHz Lorentzian linewidth, 4 GHz 3-dB bandwidth, and 8-Gbit/s non-return-to-zero signal modulation.

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Silicon Photonics
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Epitaxial Growth on Si